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Adult Dog Care

Regular wellness exams are the best way you can assure longer life and the highest quality of life for your dog. Wellness exams at Belle Meade Animal Hospital are a great opportunity for you to discuss any concerns you have about your dog’s health with one of our veterinarians. We can discuss topics ranging from nutrition, exercise, dental care, and any lifestyle and age-related changes.

Adult Canine Care in Nashville, TN at Belle Meade Animal Hospital

Our canine wellness exams include:

  • A comprehensive physical examination
  • Dental examination and preventative cleanings
  • Vaccines tailored specifically to your dog’s needs
  • Internal and external parasite testing and prevention
  • Heartworm blood testing and prevention
  • Diet, nutrition, and weight management counseling

Physical Exams & Vaccinations

Our canine wellness exams include a thorough physical examination that includes a body/muscle assessment, as well as an evaluation of your pet’s coat, skin, eyes and ears, nose and throat, heart and lungs, legs and paws, abdomen and gastrointestinal system, and urogenital system. We will also perform parasite testing, heartworm testing, and create a customized vaccination program for your dog.

Dental Exams

During your dog’s wellness exam, we can perform a professional dental cleaning for your dog. For more information about our pet dental services, please visit our page on dental care.

Parasite Prevention & Control

Our veterinarians will conduct a fecal exam each year to ensure that your pet is free of harmful parasites. We can also provide you with recommendations and provide safe effective preventative treatments for diseases like heartworm, ticks, and fleas.

Nutrition & Weight Management for Your Dog

A complete and balanced diet is essential for your dog throughout their lifetime. We can offer recommendations for the most nutritious foods for your pet according to your dog’s age, weight and current health. For extensive details about our nutrition and diet counseling, please visit our nutritional counseling page.

To schedule an exam for your dog, or for more information about canine wellness exams at Belle Meade Animal Hospital, please call us at 615-352-4370.

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