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Are you frustrated with wrestling with your pet when it’s time for a bath, or nervous about trimming their nails? The professional grooming services at Belle Meade Animal Hospital can help you take the stress out of grooming your dog or cat! Treat your pet to a luxurious bath. Our special, cleansing baths remove dirt, debris and that doggie pet odor – your pet will feel fresh and revitalized. If scratching is a problem, our medicated baths contain soothing agents that stop the itching. Services also include nail trim and ear cleaning.

All of our grooming services are performed using high-quality products by our trained staff members that are experienced in grooming pets of all breeds and sizes.

Grooming is also an important part of your pet’s overall wellness, and ensures that your pet stays in peak health. Having your dog or cat groomed at our hospital can be a first line of defense for spotting lumps, infections, or other abnormalities that may be apparent at first. And your pet will look and feel better, too!

To learn more about our grooming services, or to schedule a grooming appointment for your pet, call us at 615-352-4370.

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